There’s a good chance if you follow us on Instagram, you are familiar with #BirchRoadReno – which is the tag I’ve been using for our team’s largest project: a 1923 colonial renovation and redesign. I’ve thought about trying to use a catchy tag line like, “bringing a 1923 colonial into the 21st century,” but honestly, it’s just a mouthful. So, #BirchRoadReno it is!

This project is personal too, as it is our actual (well, future) home! We closed in August and haven’t looked back. Before I dive into when we move in & what we’ve accomplished, let’s take a peak into what we bought…

Here she is – in all of her glory. All 1,900 square feet of her! The exterior of the house and back porch are both in decent shape, as the former owners put the siding on just a month before listing the house. The garage – as you can see – is showing it’s age. That’s a project for another day…er, realistically another year. We have BIG plans to renovate and update this lady from a house to a home.

Here’s a sneak peak of the interior of the home…these are a mix between the listing photos and ones we took after the closing.


As you can see – we have our work cut out for us! Follow along on our journey to make this 1920’s good boned beauty, into our home.

-Rustic Acres Design Co.


Well, here we are gang –  the first post on our website!

We are a full-scale interior design firm, with a good ‘ole New England soul and seaside charm.

Follow along on Instagram for daily updates, @rusticacresdesignco, on our current project: The #BirchRoadReno. This early 1920s colonial home is undergoing a full interior renovation, with *fun* electrical updates bringing it into the 21st Century….but more on that later!

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Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!

-Rustic Acres Design Co. Team