DEMO: Second Floor Bedroom & Hallway

Ever watch HGTV and think – I can do that!? I know I do. Have you ever looked at a room in your house and thought, “if only I could knock down that wall, I could…” …enlarge the room/create a closet/add a bathroom/just have more space!

Well, we’ve been itching to knock down some walls in #BirchRoadReno especially on the second and third floors. We wanted to open up the space and rearrange the second floor layout to create a true hallway leading up to the third floor & create an airy and serene third floor master suite.

Let’s start on the Second Floor! Here we wanted to expand the “green” bedroom and create a functional walk-in closet. The existing one was so small and cramped – the door entering the bedroom opened into the closet creating a traffic jam and the depth of the closet was short, very short. Think – perfect for child sized clothing and hangers, not so much for adults.


Additionally, we were able to take space from the weird closet/office/man cave tv room leading to the staircase heading up to the third floor master. This allowed us to create a true hallway complete with a linen closet, sitting areas and defined walk way rather than the jumble of a room that existed before.


We are in the process of marking up the room, filing in the floor where the closet existed and next we will be added the new wall dividing the bedroom and hallway into two separate and defined spaces. As you can see in the last after picture, we started painting too! The second floor is going to be mostly cool blues and greys throughout.

Still a work in progress but our contractor will be over this week to frame out the new walls, closets, and hallway!

Tune in tomorrow for our demolition post clearing out the third floor master and the transformation a little paint can create!

-Rustic Acres Team

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