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DEMO Part Deux: Third Floor Master


When I first looked at #BirchRoadReno, I wasn’t overly impressed. The kitchen was less then ideal, the first floor layout lacked an openness and flow I was hoping for and the bedrooms on the second floor almost scared me away with their paint jobs. Granted, the molding, doors, and details (glass doorknobs!) were so charming, I knew it had potential. Then once I saw the third floor MASTER I knew we could make this house a home.

Without further ado, here are the before pictures:

Immediately, I knew I wanted to knock down the weird alcove shelves and hanging clothing wall, which had cut outs of cork within the wall.

So, one day while waiting for our GM and builder to come over, I did this!


so.much.yellow.and.cork. yikes.

Now! After a fresh coat (or 3) of paint, here’s how it looks today!


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