Our First Distance Project!

We have our first long distance project here at Rustic Acres Design and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A beautiful Victorian rehab all the way in Lincoln, Illinois!

Image result for Lincoln, IL on a map Check out Great City Tees!

Centrally located in Logan County, Lincoln is the only town in the United States named for our 16th Commander in Chief prior to him becoming President of the United States (1861). From 1847-1859 President Lincoln practiced law there and oddly enough participated in the naming ceremony of the Town. While he advised against naming it after himself, it is said he helped “christen” the town by squeezing watermelon juice on the ground. Fun lil tid bit: Lincoln also boats the world’s largest covered wagon!

But I digress…..without further ado, here’s our new lady #HomeOnNOttawa


Isn’t she grand? There are BIG pans for her. Think: demo, construction, & updated amenities all while being true the historical accuracy of the home and of course, keeping her charm.


SNEAK PEAK: Potential exterior color palette!

-Rustic Acres Design Co.

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