End Of An Era

My cute mom in the loft before my housewarming party.

Four and a half years ago, I purchased my first place – a one bedroom loft in the up and coming neighborhood of East Boston. I knew it was mine the moment I walked into the open house. Actually, my mom knew – she said “put an offer on this immediately!” as we left the open house.

I did – and it was the best decision. I loved this place so much. It was my first “adult” apartment. It was where FGS (the hubs) and I first lived together. It’s where we threw some memorable parties including our engagement bash, annual family Christmas parties, two friends baby showers and countless dinner/porch/roof deck parties.

And this past Monday we FINALLY closed on the sale of the Loft. Some day, when I’m able to tell the story of selling this place without an overwhelming mix of anger, disbelief and sadness, I will but not just yet. I loved that little loft and will miss it.






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