Adventures in the North Fork

When you are buying and/or selling properties, things can get “extra” (as the kids say) real quick. For instance, convincing your sister to drive down to Long Island (from Boston) and back in the same day with you to pick up chairs you *may* have already purchased over the phone to ensure your potential buyers sign the purchase and sales agreement.

When we had to re-list #PorterStreetLoft we needed to look as appealing as possible; so when the buyers asked for – no kidding – HALF of our furniture, I obliged. What a dumb move. The bar stools they asked for didn’t even belong to me – they were my sister & brother-in-laws. Knowing they were from West Elm, I figured it wouldn’t be hard to replace them. WRONG!  Turns out West Elm had stopped making them in that fabric and color and the only place they were still in stock was 160 miles PLUS an hour ferry ride away in Riverhead, New York.

So off we went…


My sister, always being a good sport, humored me by coming along – even after I told her I would be picking her up at 5:15am!


I remember vividly having our friend and realtor-extraordinaire Ed letting us know on the afternoon of the mortgage contingency that the buyer couldn’t secure a mortgage. After having #PorterStreetLoft off the market, in the height of the summer-selling-season for almost 30 days, we were disappointed to say the least. Having to go through the process of relisting our home felt like we were starting from scratch. We really wouldn’t have made it through the process without Ed. He was calm, reassuring, and worked his tail off to set up private showings & open houses. He is the best and if you’re in the Boston housing market – there’s no one who is going to work harder for you than Ed!

I digress, but turns out the trip down to Riverhead was completely worth it. Not only did they have the counter stools in velvet grey dove as needed but my sister and I both brought home rugs at seriously reduced prices.

Mid-Century Upholstered Counter Stool, Lagoon, Pecan



While the location wasn’t ideal from Boston, I would highly recommend the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, NY for the West Elm & Williams Sonoma stores alone. As most outlet stores, they don’t hold merchandise for you and typically get new inventory daily. I always  make a list of items I need for each project and go in armed with that information. That way, I don’t end up buying unnecessary things. I try to shop as consciously as possible and encourage my clients to do the same!



Until next time!

-Rustic Acres Design


Hey gang – Since I’ve worked in the political arena for the last 15 years (yup – a story for another day!), I’m not an expert on interior design/decorating. I’ve taken a passion for both and started down the road to becoming legitimate through courses & certifications, BUT sometimes the best way to learn is to just do.

Since starting Rustic Acres Design, I’ve found myself constantly reaching for the same tools and equipment over and over again. Some are obvious, like a tape measure; others like chalk, are not. Well, at least not to me!

So here’s my ole college try at weekly series, where I’ll post about a tool that I constantly have in my bag ‘o tricks.

Huzzah! My new idea: #ToolTipTuesday!

We’ll kick this series off with a roundup of the best tape measures a girl could ask for. While this may be pretty mundane or obvious to many of you – tape measures are something I carry around with me on the daily, and you’re going to want the right one for the job.

Here are my two hand dandy tape measures that I always have in my bag:

I typically have a flexible tape measure with me too. That’s critical for those tough-to-measure spots, think window treatments or under cabinet lighting, as well as any small, hard-to-reach corners.

You don’t need anything fancy when it comes to flexible or standard measuring tapes. The flexible tape measure I bought on Amazon for $4 and I think the Stanley one was around $10. No need to break the bank but make sure to look for density when you buy your standard measuring tape. You want it to feel heavy in your hand with the right release mechanism for times when you’re taking measurements alone.

And because I want to know what my measurements mean, I always have space dimensions and room plans saved in my phone to verify and use as a guide!

Plain and simple, carrying a tape measure in my bag may seem batty but it has saved me multiple times from buying a piece that’s too large or too small (the WORST!), or just not quite right for the space.

Happy ToolTipTuesday!

-Rustic Acres Design