We’re in!

It’s official – we moved into #BirchRoadReno a little over a week ago and are loving it! We’ve been quiet on here and insta, but it’s been a bit overwhelming with the pure amount of STUFF we have to unpack. Example “a” below:


As the sunset on what was to be our first night in our new home, the movers finally arrived to unload our belongings. Two storage units, one basement of boxes, one temporary living situation, which I realized when my sister and brother-in-law brought over multiple bags of stuff we left there, that we had WAY more in their home than I remembered , were all loaded into various rooms of our home <insert wide eye emoji here>

This go around we used Gentle Giant as our movers and despite their almost double price tag from the last few moves we had, their service was superior. They were polite and helpful, they took pictures of the damage done to our belongings from the previous movers (yes, I filed a complaint with them) and had me write down the time they arrived and time the left. We will use them again in the future!

I thought I was being clever by using different color duct tape to color coordinate what boxes would go where in the new house; except for the fact that I packed most things so long ago I couldn’t remember what the color of the duct tape stood for. Needless to say, there were pots and pans on the third floor and bedding in the kitchen but it was fun to “find” all of our stuff again.

Here are a few pictures of our state of affairs! Check our instagram for daily posts and stories and…for our other projects to take a turn being reported on.




This week #BirchRoadReno has seen a ton of progress. I plan on doing full before and after shots of each room as well as a recap of the entire design process with all of our contractors and subs covered later this spring. So for now, here’s a progress update on the second floor bathroom!


Could not be more excited for how this turned out. The brass is just the right amount of punch this marble bath needed!

2019…Here we go!




Here we are three weeks into 2019 and so much has happened – I feel like it’s been too long since my last post but I’ll try to keep this short.

Where to begin… Well, we have made a ton of progress over at #BirchRoadReno even though lately it feels like it will never be done. It really is starting to feel like a house!

First, almost all of the kitchen cabinets have been installed. Check out the video that I posted to our instagram below and if you aren’t following us find us @rusticacresdesigncompany and follow along 🙂

I realize the quality of the video is lacking – but I shot it on my iPhone. I was so excited to get over to the house to see the progress and document it that when we got there I realized I didn’t have a proper camera. Which leads me to my first resolution of 2019: to invest in, and become more media savvy. This is not my area of specialty. I have an iphone, all the social media apps and engage on the level, but I realize that part of sustaining and growing my online presence will be enhanced by investing in the right camera equipment. So, I’ve signed myself up for Photography for beginners at our local continuing learning center!

The next exciting milestone was our counter top install! We settled on a beautiful quartz from Boston Granite Exchange.  Getting to go to the warehouse to see, touch and pick out the slabs was so much fun!

This sweet gentleman, Marcello  the owner of CapStone  came and created the template for our kitchen cabinets to cut the quartz. We chatted about the cool new toy his kids gave him for Christmas which is basically a notepad where he draws out the kitchen, takes a picture and it uploads into his system making the process so seamless!

We used Cambria, Britticiana and went with a polished finish. I could not be happier with the results. This install was seamless. Better pictures to come!

Next up: electrical update! Almost all of the cans and lights are installed in the house. Our electrician even installed a smart home system per FGS’ request which is pretty cool. I am really loving the contrast of the outlets on the darker cabinet. Check out the island all ready to go!


We also replaced the boiler, HVAC is 90% done, we found an oil company and filled the tank(!) and stained the master bedroom floors. They are a work of beauty!

Later this week, I’ll post the updates on the master bath as our tile guy is finishing installing the floor today. Head over to Instagram for a sneak peak of our beautiful hexagon tiles!

Hope that wasn’t too long and you have enjoyed the updates. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for sneak peaks of #birchroadreno soon!

-Rustic Acres Design Co.

End Of An Era

My cute mom in the loft before my housewarming party.

Four and a half years ago, I purchased my first place – a one bedroom loft in the up and coming neighborhood of East Boston. I knew it was mine the moment I walked into the open house. Actually, my mom knew – she said “put an offer on this immediately!” as we left the open house.

I did – and it was the best decision. I loved this place so much. It was my first “adult” apartment. It was where FGS (the hubs) and I first lived together. It’s where we threw some memorable parties including our engagement bash, annual family Christmas parties, two friends baby showers and countless dinner/porch/roof deck parties.

And this past Monday we FINALLY closed on the sale of the Loft. Some day, when I’m able to tell the story of selling this place without an overwhelming mix of anger, disbelief and sadness, I will but not just yet. I loved that little loft and will miss it.






RAD Travels: São Paulo, BRAZIL!

When the hubs -FGS- mentioned he had to go to São Paulo for work I jumped at the chance to tag along. We love to travel and are always looking to cross another country, city, or experience off our ever growing list and until this trip, I had never visited South America. Even though the flight seemed a bit daunting (10+ hours) I couldn’t pass it up.


While FGS was there for work and maybe a little play, I was 100% looking forward to unplugging from my day job and immersing myself in all the Paulistanos offered.

With a population of over 21 million, São Paulo is the largest city in South America; the Western and Southern Hemispheres & is the 11th largest city in the world – so needless to say there is a lot to do, see, experience and explore.

On Friday while FGS conferenced, I visited Museu de Arte de São Paulo or MASP as it’s known locally.  Truly, it was one of the best art experiences I’ve ever had. I’m not kidding. In one room, I saw multiple paintings by Rembrandt, Renoir, Cezanne, Manet, Degas, Van Gogh, Picacco & Matisse.

The way the MASP is set up is interactive & innovative. The top floor of the museum is a giant concrete room filled with over 200 pieces of art all attached to acrylic stands and cement blocks. Most of the paintings were just hanging on the acrylic – not inside them! You could see the crack in the frames and the texture of the acrylic paint – it was the most intimate art experience all while being surrounded by other people.

Turns out our hotel was only about a month old when we stayed there which lead to quite the adventure returning after my visit to MASP. My cab driver had never heard of the Four Seasons and the language barrier was terrible (I really did try.) Thank you Jesus for google translator. My cab driver was my hero. I think he saw the panic in my eyes when my broken Portuguese was failing as was my iPhone battery. Needless to say, I returned to our hotel safe and sound and headed to the pool to unwind.


That evening FGS’ Brazilian hosts planned another incredible dinner – and this time, there were so many gluten free dishes, I was giddy. In Brazil, food is love. Meal times are lengthy (think 3-4 hours) and the wine flows endlessly.


Unbeknownst to me, our meal that evening was at the acclaimed   Michelin Star Restaurant,  Maní – we sat outside in the “back yard” family style at a picnic table under the night sky. It couldn’t have been more out of a storybook if they tried.

While our host played waiter and sommelier, we chatted and indulged in the homemade (gluten free!) bread basket.

Here’s a smashing of the dishes we were served. Sorry for the low quality pictures – I only had my iphone!

Real Talk: The architecture, the city green spaces, the food were delightful; everything about São Paulo was inspirational. I can’t wait to incorporate some of the texture and colors from São Paulo into #BirchRoadReno & more projects!

-Rustic Acres Design Co.